Our Editorial Approach

ReadWhenLost is neither a news source nor a content mill. We’re not here to aggregate six stories a day, ride the back of news cycles, or float clickbait. We have no daily publishing schedule.

Instead, we recognize that finding the questions that real people want answered about mental health takes time. Exploring innovative, accurate, and unfiltered ways to answer those questions takes time. And applying rigorous journalistic and editorial standards—with the help of some of the best writers in our field—takes plenty of time.

We think our audience deserves our time, and the high-quality work it allows us to produce. That’s why we’re mainly a quarterly publisher. And that’s why we will publish whole series around each subject in our range, rather than just devoting a thousand words to it and moving on.

Most of our work is “evergreen”—designed to stay relevant for years. We want it to exist as a reliably helpful online resource long after it’s published. We think our audience will find it worth their time to read.